Manish Gadia Photography


Manish Gadia  One - On - One :

I  run "Manish Gadia One - On - One",  where  in  I  am giving photography enthusiasts a channel to get focused One-On-One training

Serious enthusiasts who are looking for focused coaching & personal portfolio building have accepted this concept. 

I promise only 3 or at max 4 participants per JEEP (only 1 jeep per expedition for exclusive pics). We promise good resorts for comfort too. Many times I will get your preferences before booking. 

From my personal photography i get time to only teach 2 participants per month. 

Why Join Me?

- Affordable Learning (considering the value & focus i bring on table)

- Convenient Learning, No reading of materials available all over Internet. Realtime Hand Holding is the KEY

- I would personally mentor you through Video Chat (if not in Mumbai City). If in Mumbai, face to face teaching will be provided. 

- The Video Chats / Face to Face meetings would be totally based on participants skill level (Complete Novice to Intermediate). First time users would benefit  


- All Important DSLR settings, Beginners guide, Equipments, Techniques (Mammal/ Bird/ Macro/ Landscape), Presenting your work, Composition, Basic   Photoshop etc. will be covered (scroll down for more).

- Complete support even after completion of Video Chat / Face to Face Meetings. Available on Email / Phone support always.

- Video Chats (english) or Personal Meetings can be as small as 2 Hours (would recommend up to 4 Hours one time). Special requirements will be  addressed

  Likewise full Coaching can be provided on Expeditions. Goto my Expedition page for more information. When opting for Expedition, no prior meetings needed.

- Complete Basic Learning can be done in 2 sessions of 4 Hours each or during an small 2-4 days of Expedition to a safe place (recommended). This may   customized based on participants aptitude / preferences / interest. 

- I accept a maximum of 2 participants only per month for focus. As said, its not about Money but about covering costs & passing back to the Industry. 

Please email me at - [email protected] to get complete details on upcoming expeditions.

Here is an Overview of Topics which are covered during the expeditions : -

-What is DSLR? How it works?

-DSLR vs Point & Shoot Camera

-Types of DSLR (FF vs Crop sensor)

-Different categories of DSLR and the best in each category

-Different categories / types of Lenses and the best in each category

- Other Hardware of Photography: Filters, Tripods, Beanbags, Monopods, Cards, Bags

- Various Modes of DSLR :- Av, Tv, Manual with when to shoot what & examples

- Aperture (F Number) and Examples

- Shutter Speed & Examples

- ISO & Examples

- Exposure Triangle

- White Balance Settings & Examples

- Metering Settings & Examples

- Focus Settings

- Examples of when to use what Focus settings

- Moving the Focus points vs Focus Recompose Techniques

- Post Click Image review : Histogram

- Mammal Photography : Learning with various Case study examples

- Bird Photography : Learning with various Case study examples

- Macro Photography : Additional Hardware option

- Macro Photography: Learning with various Case study examples

- Landscape Photography: Learning with various Case study examples

- Walkthrough of our Image Gallery

- Basics of Post Processing & actual live editing on Photoshop