Manish Gadia Photography


Video Chat Coaching / Face to Face Coaching along with visit to a nearby Sanctuary can be conducted any time. 

Advantages of Joining me for an EXPEDITION (or asking me to join your Expeditions) : -

1) Focussed small group (1-3 Participants at MAX) coaching.

2) Well Planned, Well researched Trips

3) Comfortable Stay (cost cutting is not the motive; Value for money; not compromising on comfort)

4) Less participants therefore exclusive pics (Self photography portfolio developing opportunity)

5) Only 2-3 in one JEEP (Ease of photography) and only 1 JEEP per expedition

6) Access & visit to areas which are not known to commercial photography companies or avoided by them

7) Focussed trips for various categories of photography : - 1) Landscape 2) Culture 3) Wildlife 4) Urban / Street Photography

8) I also hire studios to do Product / Glamour shoot regularly and can take participants for such workshops

9) If interested, possibility of getting an experience in an outdoor location for pre-wedding concept shoots

10) Option to join my team on a Brand Personality shoot (E.g Shooting a shoe brand across exotic & rugged terrains of Himalayas)

I appreciate lot of National Level photography companies. I am not in competition with them as i serve only NICHE category of clients. 

Please reach out to me at : - [email protected] for upcoming expeditions information

(Monthly once we are on a trip)

Many more photography expeditions being planned in 2014 / customized expeditions as per your choice can also be planned

Here is an Overview of Topics which are covered during the expeditions : -

-What is DSLR? How it works?

-DSLR vs Point & Shoot Camera

-Types of DSLR (FF vs Crop sensor)

-Different categories of DSLR and the best in each category

-Different categories / types of Lenses and the best in each category

- Other Hardware of Photography: Filters, Tripods, Beanbags, Monopods, Cards, Bags

- Various Modes of DSLR :- Av, Tv, Manual with when to shoot what & examples

- Aperture (F Number) and Examples

- Shutter Speed & Examples

- ISO & Examples

- Exposure Triangle

- White Balance Settings & Examples

- Metering Settings & Examples

- Focus Settings

- Examples of when to use what Focus settings

- Moving the Focus points vs Focus Recompose Techniques

- Post Click Image review : Histogram

- Mammal Photography : Learning with various Case study examples

- Bird Photography : Learning with various Case study examples

- Macro Photography : Additional Hardware option

- Macro Photography: Learning with various Case study examples

- Landscape Photography: Learning with various Case study examples

- Walkthrough of our Image Gallery

- Basics of Post Processing & actual live editing on Photoshop